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> Does Rep. King support Trump’s proposed $1.3 billion funding cut to the U.S. Coast Guard?

> When discussing the $20 billion border wall with constituents recently, Rep. King said we would have to, “Find a way to pay for it — same way you have to pay for anything.  To me, you have to pay for national security — national security has to be paid for.”

> Why does Rep. King support spending $20 billion on a wall that won’t make us safer, but hasn’t spoken out against cutting funding to the Coast Guard, which specializes in interdicting drugs, human trafficking, and keeping a close eye on what Russia is doing in the Arctic?

> Nearly 60 congressmen from both sides of the aisle wrote a letter on March 13 criticizing Trump's proposed cuts to the Coast Guard as "cause for serious alarm." King was not one of them. Why not? For someone so concerned with national security, why isn’t he fighting to protect our Coast Guard?

Full Letter: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_hKHPC6eToxREdUTUZZQ0VmOWc/view




> The Coast Guard protects the Public, the environment, and U.S. economic interests - in the Nation's ports and waterways, along the coast, on international waters, or in any maritime region as required in supporting national security. It is of particular importance for us Long Islanders.

> Trump's proposed budget guidance is asking for $1.3 billion in funding cuts to the U.S. Coast Guard at a time when the service is doing more than ever, and is already severely under-resourced.

> The letter says that the proposal "severely discounts the value and effectiveness" of the Coast Guard.

> The Coast Guard has only two icebreakers, one medium and one heavy — the latter being nearly 40 years old. "We're challenged in our ability to exert leadership when, you're the world's most prosperous nation, yet we can only seem to afford two icebreakers," Adm. Paul Zukunft, the commandant of the Coast Guard said.

> The Coast Guard occupies a unique role as a military branch within the Department of Homeland Security. Trump is seeking to up the Pentagon's budget by $54 billion by taking money from non-defense areas, such as the State Department.

> The Coast Guard interdicts more cocaine at sea than what is interdicted at ports of entry and among all other elements of domestic law enforcement combined.

> "These proposed cuts will guarantee negative consequences," Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) said, adding that it would "create exposures that will most certainly be exploited by transnational criminal networks and other dangerous actors."

Action Alert - Coastguard - 3/16/17