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Action Alert - ESA - 2/27/17

Please call Rep. King, Senator Schumer, & Senator Gillibrand.




  1. Will you work to protect the Endangered Species Act of 1973?

  2. Do you believe in placing a cap on how many species can be protected?

  3. Would you support placing limits on lawsuits that have been used to maintain protections for some species?

  4. Did you know that 84% of Americans support the Endangered Species Act, including strong majorities in all regions of the U.S. and across both the Democratic and Republican parties?


> Please tell them that you demand the safeguarding of the Endangered Species Act (1973).




> The GOP is working on legislation that will “modernize” the ESA. This “modernization” is a nice way of saying they want to gut the ESA in an effort to cut regulations to promote economic growth. This is false and has the high possibility of causing ecosystem degradation that will not be reversible.


> The GOP says that the ESA harms business but overall it protects the environment for all Americans. Having a healthy environment (to be healthy, there must be species richness) provides us with great economic benefits.


> One business should not trump what is a common good.


The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee recently held hearings on legislation to roll back environmental regulations and protections. There is a parallel push in the House – House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) wants to repeal it entirely.


> “I've heard a senator say 'its just one bird,' but unless you fully understand the functioning of that bird within its ecosystem at large, you can never say 'its just one bird',” explained NY02Dems member Kerrie Donohue, who is pursuing her PhD in science education.


> If our representatives cannot have a scientifically literate conversation regarding biodiversity and the ESA, then they should not be making these decisions. The ESA must be kept in its current state.


Rep. King - LI Office: (516) 541-4225

Rep. King - DC Office: (202) 225-7896


Sen. Schumer – DC Office: (202) 224-6542

Sen. Schumer – LI Office: (631) 753-0978


Sen. Gillibrand – DC Office: (202) 224-4451

Sen. Gillibrand – LI Office: (631) 249-2825


** Please tag your friends in the comments to set off our "phone tree!" Thank you.