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Action Alert - H.J. Res. 40 - 2/6/17

Please call Rep. Pete King.

(516) 541-4225

(202) 225-7896

We have a few things to discuss with him today:

1. His vote on H.J. Res. 40.

2. His statement about Trump equating the U.S. and Russia.

3. The fact that he locked his office doors and refused to meet with us on Friday.

4. That we will continue to hold rallies until he agrees to meet with us.

1. I know it's hard to thank Rep. King right now, but we need to reward good behavior. It's important to thank our reps when they do something we agree with. Even though this resolution passed the House, King voted against it. He voted to keep a regulation that would keep guns out of the hands of those who qualify for disability bc of a "mental disorder." Please see summary from Countable attached.


2. This wknd on O'Reilly, Trump equated the U.S and Russia, and again expressed respect for "killer" Putin. King said:


“No American president should ever talk that way. I strongly support Donald Trump, I strongly support his executive order, I strongly support his fight against terrorism, but there’s no way that any president of the United States should ever be equating us with Russia. There's no moral comparison.”


While we don't agree with his support of Trump, we should thank him for at least condemning this statement.

3. Please also call Rep King out for locking his office door. I spoke with Patricia in their Massapequa Park office on Friday morning, and she told me they would try to meet with me at 3:30pm. She asked how large our delegation would be, and I told her 6 ppl. I posted on the Facebook event to ask who would like attend the meeting. The office manager sent everyone home and locked the doors at 3:00pm. Timothy from the D.C. office told me that the meeting was supposed to be at 2:30pm and was only supposed to be for me. They saw that I posted on the event page asking who would like to join and locked the office. They lied about our discussion and clearly never had any intention of meeting with us.

4. Please let his office know that until they agree to meet with constituents, we will continue to rally in front of his office. You can also email Kathy, who is supposed to schedule meetings at kingli@mail.house.gov. She doesn’t respond, but we should keep trying.


Thank you very much.