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Civil Rights

On August 15, 2017 the President of the United States of America referred to white supremacist, neo-Nazis as 'very fine people' despite the fact that they had recently murdered a peaceful protester in a terrorist-style attack using a weaponized motor vehicle. This came after his administration quietly removed the entire Civil Rights section from the official White House website immediately after his inauguration. Since then, the Trump administration under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been consistently "undercutting long-standing work on LGBT rights and voting rights, and...a pretty serious retreat from police reform work".

Trump's most recent signal to his base that he has no respect for our Civil Rights was to use his bully pulpit to call for the firing of professional athletes who exercise their constitutional right to engage in peaceful demonstrations calling for justice and equality for people of color in this country. His outrageous unconstitutional comments were echoed by our own congressional representative Peter King.


No matter your personal thoughts on either of these protests, none of us should be content, or silently complicit, while the nation's top elected official abuses the office in such thinly veiled attempts to tear the country apart. Nor should it be acceptable to ANY OF US that he would seek to undermine the constitution in such a way, simply to punish a citizen with whom he disagrees.

This committee will not be silently complicit.

  • We are committed to working in and with communities of colors to bring identified issues to the forefront.

  • We will work with our local elected officials and community leaders to identify solutions to these issues. 

  • We will work to keep traditionally marginalized voters informed and engaged.

  • We will actively support members of the community who share our commitment to equal rights.

Please check back regularly for updates on actions, events and information. In the meantime, stay connected with the Civil Rights Committee Chair on Twitter.

The rights of ALL citizens to political and social freedom and equality.