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Health Care

Health care is complicated. We are here to make it easier for you. This committee will focus on explaining the impact of current legislation, representative voting records and suggesting action alerts to fortify our positions. We will also work with affiliate organizations along with staging educational events.

National Security

This group will focus on issues related to U.S. Armed Services, Intelligence, and Foreign Policy. Since Rep. Peter King regularly speaks about these issues, we will track his comments, Congressional votes, and the policies he advocates in this area.

Economic Development

This group will focus on issues that make Long Island and the general economy strong and vibrant for our working families. We will examine tax, investment and overall economic issues while monitoring Peter King’s votes and statement In this area. 


Protecting against the pollution of our air, water and natural resources, and from the effects of climate change is of paramount importance, especially in our coastal 2nd Congressional District. This committee will focus on educating and engaging the public on how we can advocate for these things at all levels of our government, and tracking how Peter King votes on all issues related to energy and the environment.

As a region that remains heavily segregated and has a storied history of racial injustices, Long Island is not immune to the trickle down effect of having a president in office who panders to the ideals of white supremacy. The issues at stake range from education, housing, income, and relationships with law-enforcement.Through education and outreach, this committee will seek to inform and galvanize the political power of historically marginalized and disenfranchised people to ensure that their voices are heard on these matters.


Our children are our most important assets, and preparing them for the 21st century economy is our foremost priority. This group will cover issues such as Opt-Out, Constitutional Convention, and any areas that affect the education of our children

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We are forming policy committees, and are looking for volunteer leaders! Are you read to step up and be a leader in your community?

Each Committee will focus on a specific policy area and will have several deliverables over the year:

1) ONE educational and ONE community service event each year.

2) Conduct Research on on our Representatives' and their actions, votes, statements, overall behavior, as it pertains to the Committee’s policy area.

3) Write Action Alerts, depending on need and current events.

If you would like to join a committee, please email your resume and a brief email expressing your interest to NY02Dems@gmail.com.

NY02 Dems Policy Committees

We are forming the following committees, and are looking for Chairs and volunteers to lead the way: 




Please email your resume and a brief email expressing your interest to NY02Dems@gmail.com.

Include the committee you’re interested in in the SUBJECT line, and we will get back to you soon. 

We are excited to build our volunteer leadership team, and cannot wait to work with more of you! Thank you!