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Schaffer should have expected blowback

February 09, 2018

Babylon resident and NY02Dems member Sandra Levine writes, Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer should have expected people to denounce his decision to hire alleged domestic abuser Lindsay Henry as a town attorney. 

Trump’s vulgar talk

January 21, 2018

NY02Dems member and Massapequa resident Katherine Lopez writes, "Trump is a bigot. It’s time for Congress to denounce the president’s bigotry."

Against the President's racist remarks

January 17, 2018

Amityville resident and NY02Dems member Elizabeth Aquino writes, "Trump’s remark calling Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations sh**hole countries was a new low for this administration and the GOP. Not only did our “president” make this statement, stunned attendees at the meeting did not have the courage to call him out on it."

Saladino should unblock constituents

December 29, 2017

Karen Higgins, who is part of NY02Dems' leadership team and is a resident of Massapequa Park, calls on Supervisor Saladino to "unblock me and the other constituents on his Facebook page."

Net Neutrality serves the public interest

December 02, 2017

NY02Dems member and Bay Shore resident Roseanne Manfredi urges the FCC not to rescind Net Neutrality.

False claims of voter fraud threaten our democracy

January 01, 2018

Roseanne Manfredi of Bay Shore writes that Donald Trump's and Roy Moore's claims of voter fraud are a real threat to our democracy.

Disappointed by Trump’s putdowns

October 31, 2017

Margaret Bell, NY02Dems member of West Islip, points out that "Trump has made more than 1,300 false or misleading claims since his inauguration."

Trump's Selective Outrage

October 04, 2017

NY02Dems member and Amityville resident Elizabeth Aquino asked, "Can it be that we hold sports players to greater accountability than we do the president?"

Trump Targets Birth Control

October 20, 2017

Rosanne Manfredi, Bay Shore resident and NY02Dems member, writes about the Trump administration's decision to roll back the Obama-era birth control mandate.

Trump Sabotages ACA

October 06, 2017

NY02 Dems member and Massapequa resident Katherine Lopez calls on Congress and the Justice Department to stop the Trump Administration from sabotaging the Affordable Care Act.

Appointment Implications

August 14, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Dennis Urban of Massapequa Park, said "Hard-working residents of Oyster Bay, myself included, are tired of politics as usual that masquerades as ethics reform. We want a government that works for us, not for professional politicians."

Trump’s Bad Advice to Suffolk County Police

August 03, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Karen Keller Higgins of Massapequa, said "The country has reached a new low when our commander in chief gives law enforcement permission to assault suspects."

No Competitive Council Race After All

July 24, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Sandra Levine of Babylon, said "Despite Newsday’s excitement at the prospect of a competitive race, this race represents business as usual. Schaffer is still making his back-room deals, and once again, the voters are ignored."

Saladino Shows Need for Reform in Town

July 10, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Dennis Urban of Massapequa Park, said " As a Democrat, I fear the Republican political machine will continue to deliver more of the same. We need transparency, reform and change in Oyster Bay."

Looking for a Better Health Care Approach from the Government

July 07, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Rosanne Manfredi of Bay Shore, said "Make no mistake, if this bill doesn’t affect you, it will affect someone you love: your parent, child, sibling or neighbor."

GOP health care plan would hurt sick people

May 12, 2017

NY02 Dems member, Renie McCarthy of Levittown, said "I was told by King’s office not to worry because New York State would not likely seek a waiver to opt out of essential benefits. Do our representatives lack compassion for Americans in other states who might be harmed by this?"

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