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Stop the War on Women - Handmaid's Resist & Rally

October 14, 2017


Women from communities throughout Long Island will stage a rally in protest of the Trump administration's latest attack in the war on women!


Long Island Parents Tell Rep. Lee Zeldin that our Children are not “Political Props.”

August 25, 2017

Long Island parents rallied outside of Rep. Lee Zeldin’s office to protest how his District Director, Mark Woolley, treated constituents who delivered a petition to his office last week. 


Frustrated Long Island Constituents Hold Public Town Hall Meeting for Rep. Peter King, King Refused to Attend

May 07, 2017

Just days after Rep. Peter King (NY-2) voted “yes” to pass Donald Trump’s replacement to the Affordable Care Act, frustrated residents of King’s Long Island district held a public Women’s Town Hall. King did not show up. 

Constituents Hand Deliver Invitation to Rep. Pete King to Participate in a Women’s Town Hall

April 19, 2017

Constituents from New York’s 2nd congressional district hand delivered an invitation to Rep. Peter King (NY-02) to participate in a Women’s Town Hall. 

NY-02 Constituents Rally, Tell Rep. Peter King to Vote NO to ACHA!

March 22, 2017

On the eve of the expected U.S. House vote on President Trump’s bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, residents of NY’s Congressional District 2 rallied outside of Rep. Peter King’s office in opposition to the American Health Care Act. 

Long Islanders React to Rep. Pete King’s Brentwood Invitation to Trump

March 10, 2017

King' s constituents are disgusted by his political pandering and frustrated by a lack of concrete action. King's words never translate to legislative efforts.

Rep. Peter King Refuses to Hold Town Hall – Meets with Leaders of Emerging Democratic Group

March 06, 2017

After the meeting, King told WCBS 880 he personally met with leaders of “protest groups.” Liuba Grechen Shirley called King’s office to explain that she was in fact a “taxpaying constituent,” not a “leader of a protest group.” 

Long Islanders Rally, Tell Rep. Peter King No Ban No Wall!

February 03, 2017

– Long Island organizations and residents came together today in a demonstration of unity against President Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning refugees indefinitely from Syria and temporarily from other Muslim majority countries. 

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