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DACA is not only Morally Sound, it's Fiscally Responsible.

September 11, 2017

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Let's focus on electing true progressive Democrats to the State Senate, who will commit to caucusing with the mainline Democrats, NOT the IDC.


There are a number of discussions on different threads regarding the Suffolk Democratic Party, deal making, and county committee appointments. Rather than reply to each, here are my thoughts. This is long, so please bear with me.


Some have suggested that those members who have expressed interest in joining the county committee have not volunteered, dedicated time to the party, or otherwise waited their turn. Others have suggested that they have attacked our party chairman. Many of the people on that list walked petitions for me, because they cared deeply about having a democrat on the ballot. Many campaigned for Christine - walked for hours and spoke with their neighbors, donated money, and made phone calls. Almost all of them have been active members of NY02 Dems for the past seven months - protesting, making phone calls, writing letters, lobbying, learning how to register voters. They have all been told to join the party, and now are trying to do so.


While a few have made critical comments about our chairman, most have simply questioned the way the party is run. When you volunteer your time to elect Democrats, it is disheartening to see the Democratic Party make deals and give seats away.  Rather than chastise them and demand unity, please give them a chance to be frustrated, ask questions, and debate. Telling people to fall in line does not work. Gaslighting and blaming people does not work. True unity will only come when you've allowed people to speak their minds and work through their thoughts.


Many Trump supporters will tell you to leave the country if you dare to question Trump. It is not only our right, but also our duty as informed citizens to question our president and government. Just today, a man commented on Pete King's Facebook page that Americans who question Trump are like MS-13 and ISIS, and our Congressman agreed. Questioning our party Chairman does not make us the enemy - it does not make us disloyal Democrats. It simply means we care about our party.


In the past few weeks, I have been stunned by accusations that I am trying to tear our party apart and oust our chairman. Let me be clear - I am a Democrat who wants to see strong progressive Democrats win.  I want to help build a Democratic bench, engage voters year round - not just during election season. I want to strengthen our party, and grow our ranks.  Rich and I have met, spoken at length and cordially agreed to disagree on tactics. Just because I question certain principles and tactics, does not mean I am attacking our Chairman.


This has been a particularly contentious month for us as a group, and I ask everyone to please stop fighting and start listening to each other.  In the coming months we will have a real opportunity to show how Democrats can come together to make a real difference in people’s lives. There are only six states across our country with both Democratic Governors and legislatures - let's make NY the seventh. Let's focus on electing true progressive Democrats to the State Senate, who will commit to caucusing with the mainline Democrats, NOT the IDC. Clearly, the status quo has not been working for the Democratic Party - let's work together to change this.



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