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DACA is not only Morally Sound, it's Fiscally Responsible.

September 11, 2017

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New York Indivisible Groups Statement on the #TrumpShutdown

January 22, 2018

Yesterday, we took to the streets to march for our values in the Women’s March on NYC. Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand stood up for those values on Friday when they refused to pass yet another irresponsible short-term resolution to fund the government without the Dream Act or funding for disaster relief.


Though they control the entire government, President Trump and the GOP were unable to craft or agree to any plan that would have protected health care for nearly 9 million children through CHIP and allowed Dreamers to stay in their homes — despite saying, repeatedly, that they want to do both of these things.


If Republicans actually wanted to renew CHIP, protect Dreamers, and keep the government open as they claim, they could have done so any time in the past year. Instead, Republicans spent months attempting to destroy the Affordable Care Act, seeking funding for President Trump’s vanity border wall, and passing a massive, unpopular tax cut for their wealthy donors. Then, this week, when faced with a bipartisan deal with massive popular support that would have protected Dreamers and CHIP, President Trump reneged on his promise to provide a “fix” for Dreamers, and instead insulted millions of people across the globe with his racist “shithole countries” remark.


We know the truth. On Friday, Republicans in Washington chose to delay aid to 9 million children who rely on CHIP. On Friday, they chose to delay justice to 800,000 young people fighting for their American dream. On Friday, they chose to shut down the government to satisfy an unreliable president and hard-right, anti-immigrant extremists.


Together, we stand in firm opposition to the #TrumpShutdown and proudly support Democrats and Republicans who voted no. Today, tomorrow, in November and beyond, we will proudly stand with the Dreamers, the millions of people waiting for adequate disaster relief, the families who rely on CHIP, and the federal employees whom Republicans used as bargaining chips.

Yesterday we marched. In November, we vote.

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